Go North With Your Website

Many businesses look at their website as a marketing tool that they have to have, but only go through the motions of building it once, having the attitude that once it is up and running, that part of their marketing is ‘complete’. This idea of “one and done” with creating website can hold it back from reaching its full potential. Just as social media platforms seem to change on a daily basis, website design trends and technology is constantly changing.

Your business website is a marketing tool. Just as you wouldn’t keep the same ad running for years on end, you should never stop working on your website. Your website is the first place customers will go to learn about your company, your products and your services. To make sure your first impression makes an impact on your new customer, your website should be easy to use, quick to load, on trend and showing up in their searches.

SO how do you update your website? GO NORTH.

Navigation and Usability
Outdated Technology
Highlight your Brand

n is for navigation & usability

Nothing is worse than looking at a website and not being able to find the information that you want. Or having there be so many pages and so much information, that you feel like you keep digging yourself deeper and deeper while trying to get to know the products. Great websites keep things simple but thorough. They supply the necessary information for customers to see what you offer, search your products easily to make a purchase, or supply them with the information on how to visit your store or call you to make an appointment.

o is for outdated technology

As technology and marketing trends change, your website needs to be changing as well. Consumers will begin to expect the best customer service experiences, which will mean adding chat features like a chatbot to ask questions regarding their orders or your services whenever they want. Integrating new apps to improve user experience is not the only area to make sure you are up to date. It is important to make sure you are legally compliant with regulations and security protocols for general ecommerce and your industry.

Another area to look at for your website is speed. How quickly does your page load? Are there broken images? Are there too many PDFs that are bogging down the speed? Slow loading speed could be caused by a number of reasons: unoptimized images, underpowered hosting and even an old theme. Updating your website can help prevent all of these problems from happening.

r is for responsive

Desktops. Laptops. Tablets. Cell phones. So many screens to view the same content. How does your website look on these devices? With consumers using their mobile devices to access the internet more often than the desktop or laptop computers those sites were built on, making sure you have a fully responsive site is key. Making sure your information is organized to appear in the most user friendly matter when on mobile devices and that your site isn’t popping up with size two text can all be dealt with in a website update.

t is for traffic

How do your analytics look? Do you have them? If not, adding them to any website is important as it helps you identify the most important information on your site from your consumers point of view. This can help you when redesigning your website when you evaluate your content and site map.

A website redesign can also help increase traffic. Adding more SEO copy to your website will help you appear higher up in searches and help your bounce rate. Search engines also love fresh content. Every time you make an update to your site, Google and other search engines crawl and index your pages, thus your site ranking gets recalculated.

h is for Highlight your brand

Does your website tell your story? Does it tie in with your overall brand messaging? Making sure you are not only highlighting your brand and being consistent with messaging is important across all your marketing channels. Your website is a place where you can really expand on this message and drive it home to your audience.

Your website is also a chance to attract the clients you want to work with, filtering out the audiences who are not a match with your brand. Your website is a chance to curate your work. Post your projects, images and case studies that display the work you want to do, removing projects that may not have been your favorite. Make sure all your content is consistent, including colors, fonts, icons with your brand standards and set the tone for your company.

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