Social Proof: Let Your Best Customers Do The Marketing For You

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Nothing is better for promoting your business than a word-of-mouth recommendation. Your friend telling you about this great new store they found, or your sister tells you about this great sale that’s online right now. These simple acts ad to your bottom line. When it comes to your website and social media, utilizing these recommendations, reviews and testimonials is called social proof, and they can make or break your sale.

Social proof can come in a few different forms. From Amazon and Yelp reviews to video testimonials to social share buttons, these can all help close a sale on your website.


Now that you know the value of social proof on your website, how do you get it? One way is to simply pull reviews off of Facebook or Google and place them on your website, near the product or service they are reviewing. This will help validate the product in the eyes of the potential buyer and it’s convenient location makes it so they don’t have to search very far to find a review.

Another way to get social proof for your site is to send out surveys or post-service questionnaires. To help highlight the qualities of your company or the products or services you sell, be sure to create a survey based on those areas. For instance, if you are looking to highlight the set-up of a product, ask questions like, “How easy was the product to assemble?” These questions are open ended, but still directing your reviewer towards the subject you want them to discuss.

Finally, you can reward your customers and clients with a giveaway. Post on your website and on social media that if they leave a Google, Amazon or Facebook review (the channel of your choice), they will be entered to win a gift card, a free product or service.

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Now that you are gathering these reviews, be sure that you have a name (first name and last initial) to post with the review, so it doesn’t look like you are reviewing your own product. A job title, company name or industry can also be helpful for B2B businesses. Also, be sure that you change the font when posting these, so they stand out from the rest of your webpage. If you have a photo of the person, that can help make them more relate-able for your customers or clients.

Whether you have written reviews, video testimonials or star ratings, sharing this social proof will help make your sales. Keep the reviews close to the topic it is relevant to, a full page of testimonials is not necessarily bad, but name the page “Reviews” as most customers will not search for “product testimonial” on Google. When making a purchasing decision, they search for reviews, so you will want to utilize that bit of SEO in your social proof.

When considering your next social post or website redesign, incorporate a little bit of social proof, and let your customers do the work for you!