Looking Ahead to 2019

With the New Year kicking off, many of us are making resolutions and setting goals for our personal and professional lives. While setting your goals for the year, it is important to look ahead to what the trends will be and how you can capitalize on these in the various areas of your business.

So we scoured the internet, reading articles, reports and blog posts, gathering the top trends to watch for in creative marketing, social media, branding and graphic design in 2019:


In 2019, there will be a huge focus on marketing teams collaborating with various departments, such as development and HR, to create a strategy and plan for achieving success in all areas of an organization. For instance, marketers may help their HR department develop and execute employer branding and talent recruitment through storytelling and a cohesive look and message with recruiting materials. This could extend through to current employees, with marketing helping to shape the company culture and collaborating on employee experience programs.

While these are just a few examples of how marketing’s role will continue to evolve in 2019, the emphasis on the variety of skills that a marketing department has, and who they can help, will continue to grow throughout the year. Organizations will continue to realize marketing’s value and untapped potential for greater contribution to the success of a company.


Social media is constantly changing, but in 2019 there are a few trends to utilize on your channels. There will be an increase in user generated (UG) content with brands, giving them a more authentic and genuine feel. Companies will utilize micro-influencers as well, people who are more affordable than celebrities, who have less than 10,000 followers, but followers who are very loyal and engaged.

2019 will see an increase in social listening as well, with an emphasis on timeliness. Users are looking for good customer service in person and online, so they want 24/7 service and help any time of day. This will lead to an increase of chatbots and more awareness of these areas to help with reputation management on the organizational side of things.


Brand marketing will continue to grow in 2019, and similar to social media, an emphasis on organic influencers will play a large role. Looking to tell an authentic and genuine story to consumers will help leverage the brand as something they can relate to. They will also try to use playful interactions with consumers to play up their brand personality and attract consumers.

Any new organization looking to define itself, or an older organization looking to re-brand in 2019, will look to using more simplified but responsive logos. A logo is something consumers will instantly recognize, and in the next year, there will be an emphasis on making them clear and concise, nothing overly complicated or flourishing with extra symbols or designs.


There are several graphic design trends for 2019 that tie-in with previous trends we have talked about. Overall, more authentic and organic images will be on trend, making typical stock photos look more like user generated content (See Social Media).

Designers will use pops of vivid color this year, and as Pantone has determined , the color of the year will be Living Coral, a bright tone that falls in line with this trend. In addition to bold color choices, strong typographical focal points will be used in designs as well.

Lastly, keep a look out for more dynamic and detailed, hand drawn illustrations in campaigns. Once again, giving an organic and unique feel to your typical ads that you might not expect to see. There will also be an emphasis on complex gradients and duo tones in the graphic design world of 2019.

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