Blazing a Social Media Trail

Social media is no longer the next big thing. It has been around for years now, but continues to change every day. From new channels and apps to new algorithms and types of paid advertising available, it is constantly altering how people interact and how businesses interact with them.

It has grown from being a means for people to share their lives with old friends to a way for customers to legitimize a business and for companies to reach people in their homes, 24/7. For the small business owner, it may seem like an ocean of opportunity, but where do you start? You have a long list of things to do to keep your business afloat and to keep your clients and customers happy, now you’re supposed to post about it?

The advice we give to small business owners is to start small and build from there. There are the main players in the social media ring, and the best way to begin marketing with social media is to choose one or two of these platforms to break into your customers’ feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube are just the beginning of the platforms that are out there, but they are also a great place to start.

Facebook is definitely a good launching pad as there are so many users and the majority of your consumers are already on that network, giving you the best chance for engagement, and a platform you are most likely familiar with using. Based on your business, you can choose one or two other channels that work best to share your content with your customers. For example, our client Vern Goers Greenhouse grows beautiful plants, so Instagram was a great choice for them to share what’s in bloom at the garden center with their customers.  

Once you get your profiles set up, you need to do two things: start sharing content and promote your presence to your consumers. Adding the social links to your website, Google listing and even on your newsletters or invoices, signals to your customers to look for your profiles online. Creating a content plan to begin to post on a regular basis will also keep your profile current, and more likely to pop up into your followers’ newsfeeds.

Engagement is everything. You can have one million followers, but if no one is engaging with your posts, they are rather pointless. Using video, polls, asking questions and sharing images always gets more attention from your followers. After your first six weeks of posting content, you will want to review your insights and analytics to see what is getting the most attention. This will help you draft a plan to continue to create content that your audience is interacting with for future growth and possibly additional social media channels.

As a business owner, you know that getting anything off the ground and started can be a challenge. From new accounting software to creating a content plan, it can be overwhelming. If it is an area you are not familiar with, it can be an even more daunting task.  If you have the goal to add social media marketing to your roster in 2019, know that Go North Branding can help you put all the parts into motion and start off with the right channels and plenty of content. If you have already started your profiles, but struggle with content planning, we can help with that, too.

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