Marketers Gift Guide


As my kids scribble down their Christmas list for Santa, I can’t help but think, what do I want? If I really could ask for anything in the world to get from jolly old St. Nick, I think I would ask for what so many of us need: time. More time to spend with family; more time to spend out on the boat in the summer; more time with friends at dinner; I would even want more time for work.

I try to be as productive and as efficient as I can, but it always seems that there isn’t enough time in a day to get my to-do list completely done. If I do cross off all the items on my to do list, then my family most likely called the pizza place for dinner or my kids only got one book read to them before bed that night.

Up until a few years back, I wasn’t taking advantage of all the tools that were out there to help give me more time with digital marketing and other work projects, and there are new tools constantly coming out to help marketers get back what we don’t have: more time. I thought our gift to you this holiday season could be a list of some of our favorite tools that help give us back some of our precious time:

Marketing Automation Tools

If you have already set up your social media channels and are posting on a regular basis, scheduling your content is key. From the time of day you post to actually logging on and creating the post and making it live each day, this can get a little overwhelming. To create a more productive marketing strategy, as well as save you time, sitting down to form a month-by-month plan of what you post on which channels, and when, will help you be more successful in your social media marketing.

Some social media channels have scheduling tools on their site, like Facebook, and others have their own scheduling tools, such as TweetDeck. Simply craft the post and schedule the day and time you want it posted. There are also automation tools available to be a one-stop-shop for you to post on all your channels, such as Hootsuite. No matter if you are on one social media channel, or ten, planning out your content and scheduling it ahead of time will save you a lot of time in the long-run.

Project & Asset Management Tools

Whether you have a small marketing team or a large one, project management is key. Knowing what phase each project is in, at any given time, helps you keep track of your list of projects or keep track of your team members and prioritize what needs to get done. Software, like At Task Workfront, help not only with submitting projects that need to be completed, but has functions within it for proofing and approving marketing pieces by anyone who you give access to in the program.

Asset management systems are similar to project management software as they organize your diverse library of photos, videos and design files to streamline creative projects and searching for that one photo for a social post. There are a number of asset management systems out there that are great, but the most important thing is to set yours up to work for your organization. If you have multiple locations, having a search filter by property is key. Setting expiration dates on photos with talent whose usage rights expire in a year will automatically take those photos out of circulation when that date passes. These tools that the asset management systems offer will give you back the time you would spend searching for a photo or tagging videos.


Another tool for giving you back your time to focus on other goals at work, or to get home earlier to spend time with your family, is to outsource some of the work you simply cannot get to or do not have the expertise you need to execute. Go North Branding is here to be your external resource in the areas of creative marketing. From designing logos and traditional print marketing pieces to creating a content plan for your digital marketing, more time is just a phone call away.

Happy Holidays and be sure to take some time this season to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, even if the to-do list isn’t done.