First Impressions

first impression.jpg

First impressions are everything. From job interviews to first dates, the impression you give during an initial meeting will set the tone for that relationship’s life cycle.

For your potential customers and clients, the initial exposure to your business can vary. From meeting at a networking event or seeing a Facebook ad for your company, your marketing tools need to be consistent in appearance and messaging to ensure your brand is not being misrepresented.

Crafting your brand standards with colors, logos, typeface and voice can help address any areas you use for these marketing pieces.

Your business cards, social media channels, website and ads should be cohesive in look and tone, acting as a trigger in your customer’s minds to think of your business when seeing these colors or fonts, or hearing a specific phrase.

Creating these standards that facilitate your first impressions is not always easy, but when done properly, your marketing efforts will succeed and making these initial meetings will seem even effortless. The professionalism that a cohesive brand look and message demonstrates will prove to potential customers and clients that you are worth taking a look at.

Go North Branding can help define your story, identify your standards and create these pieces to launch thousands of first impressions for your company.

All you have to do is ask.