It all started with an idea…

While working together on a marketing team for a large resort company, Tristen Schill and Kim Boyer collaborated on a daily basis on a variety of projects. From printed materials for inside the properties, to photo and video shoots and social media content, the ideas kept coming. Looking for a chance to take their collaboration and creativity to the next level, Go North Branding was born.

With a wide variety of skills and experience under their belts, there is not much that this team has not tackled. From small business and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, this unstoppable duo has worked in numerous industries including hospitality, restaurants, retail, horticulture, interior design, engineering and more.


kim boyer

Raised in an entrepreneurial background with a family business that we were proud to call their own. From there, Kim went on to work for small businesses, chambers of commerce and non-profits, eventually working her way to the marketing team for North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts.

While the variety of organizations and companies she has worked for is diverse, they all have one thing in common: a strong brand. Through her work with these companies, Kim has found a love for promoting and supporting strong brands across all channels and mediums, playing off her strengths as a a writer and using her skills in social media and web design.



Tristen has been fortunate enough to be creating and developing brand stories for several years and it was all just a happy accident. After stumbling upon an art class in college, she fell head-first into the design world. Tristen spent the next decade doodling, sketching, painting and sculpting her way through a BA and MFA in Graphic Design and Communication, and has been digging her hands into the creative world ever since.

From mailers and brochures, to logos and brand standards, Tristen has experience with a variety of marketing materials for a variety of industries. Her ability to tell a story with these pieces is a skill that she has mastered and continues to share with her clients.